Feature Request: AirTagged Apple Cards

Apple announced their long-await AirTags this week. It’s an improved Tile clone that benefits from the absolutely huge network effects that Apple has in the smartphone market. With speakers built in, a replaceable battery, and a network of a few billion devices to go off of, they are poised to completely take over the lost-and-found market (if there is such a thing).

A pair of AirTags, featuring the only shape they come in: round.

They are also, if I may say so, inconveniently shaped. I can’t really attach a circle to anything. Fortunately, Apple has another product that is the perfect shape for an AirTag: the Apple Card.

I was thinking about canceling my card recently. It actually offers pretty good perks for a free credit card, but unless you’re using Apple Pay everywhere, it becomes vastly less interesting. That said, if Apple could figure out how to add an AirTag to their Apple Card, I’d have a pretty good reason to keep my card around.

Just a thought, Apple. Let me know 😉.



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